Giveaway Time!!

Okay one and all. It is giveaway time :)

This is my second ever giveaway and I really hope it goes well.

This is for a chance to win one of these fanart plushes (original patterns created by me) the winner will get their choice between the CloudJumper plush from “How to Train Your Dragon 2” or Amaterasu from “Okami”.

Sadly I can not do international (outside the U.S.) shipping since it is crazy expensive. Unless if you win you are willing to pay the shipping, its between $16-40 depending on where you are located (I’m really sorry about that) :/

Now for the giveaway details. All you need to do is reblog this post in order to win. Once I hit 200 reblogs I will randomly select a winner. Simple. I will count up to 3 reblogs per person if anyone wants to reblog more than once.

I wish you all luck :)

Reblogging for the weekend :) We are currently at 57 reblogs. Thanks everyone for spreading this post around! Just need 143 more and then I will select the winner! Remember you guys can reblog a maximum of 3 times and only reblogs will be counted. :) Good Luck everyone!!

Third Reblog!! As of now we are at 91 reblogs :) Almost halfway there! Once we reach 200 I will be selecting a random winner to win one of these two plushes :)

Fourth reblog for the giveaway. :) Remember, I am only counting reblogs. Currently we are at 148. We are getting close :) Thanks everyone for all the attention already. I am very happy you like my work :D

Fifth and probably final reblog before the announcement for the winner :). I decided that this giveaway will end on October 9th. (or if I hit 200 reblogs beforehand, then sooner)

Currently we are at 168. (Going through all the likes and picking out reblogs is a rough job lol)

I will like to bring the plush that does not get chosen to sell at Tsubasacon in Huntington, so I decided to end the giveaway before then :) 

I will also be bringing both of these plushes to Blurriecon to advertise to show them off  :D

Again, Good luck everyone and thank you for all the support :)

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Are the wolves Kiba and Tsume!?

Yes lol (did Tsumes scar give him away? haha)



So…. I have a new problem… they are so fat. (always adored bulldogs, olde english bulldogs are a lot more healthy)

So…. I have a new problem… they are so fat. (always adored bulldogs, olde english bulldogs are a lot more healthy)


Tags added for these charity plushes. I plan to donate ALL money paid for these plushes to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Just one of the many organizations Robin Williams supported. This isn’t much, but I wanted to do something in his memory.

These will be for sale at Blurriecon in Erie, PA and then Tsubasacon in Huntington, WV if I still have them. People can even offer more for them if they want to donate more to St. Judes.


Rest in Peace Mr. Williams.

New Night Guard

Really enjoyed this.

Made my final dragon. I did a little mix and matching for this one and his eyes are painted with fabric paint.

All of my dragons are bending (except for the scaly one with the blue fur, its material would not work with the bendy wire, he is extra nice though :) )

I hope you all like them. If they sell well I plan to make more for future cons (also plan on putting some in my online store and people can commission them :) )

I call them Noodle Dragons lol Been the title for over a year now :D

Made some more plushes :) A StingRay, a dragon and some Wolves :)


I am so excited to get some of kittysupreme's plushies at Tsubasacon. They look amazing.

I’m very happy you are looking forward to them. I will make sure to have a nice amount for everyone to buy there :D